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xcavator.net is a stock photo search portal for the creative community. You can quickly browse the way you think – visually - through millions of stock images, vector illustrations, flash files, and videos. Our inventory is from the leading providers, and it’s all searchable in one place.

Our service is free and it’s different, because it thinks more like you when searching for stock. You’ll get more relevant search results, faster than at other sites. Give it a try.

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Why xcavator.net

Because it’s the best search engine on the market, where you can quickly find the perfect stock image with fast and intuitive Image Search tools. You can expect more because it’s not like other word based or color screening search engines. And cross-shopping agencies will save you money.

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The Japanese Export Trade Organization (JETRO) has requested CogniSign to participate at the JETRO CEATEC booth in order to showcase the xcavator technology to major companiesin Japan. …

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